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You will have noticed that the B & B hotel offer has grown exponentially in recent years,
but have you ever wondered why so successful?

The first thing you will think is the price, certainly the first B & B have opened with very advantageous offers to the detriment of the classic hotels, but I’ll tell you that is not for that.

If you look good on average B & B have rates now comparable to hotels, of course also depends on the category, location and services offered.

So what drives you to book in a B & B rather than in a hotel?

I had an idea, since I’m running a B & B and I’ve been talking to the customers who stay with me for some time.

The first thing is the freedom to feel at home. Once you enter my home you will immediately feel at ease, I really like to talk and talk with customers and make them feel like one of the family.

The second thing is the lack of fixed timetables like in the hotels. It would never pass me by the mind to wake you up in the morning for breakfast, when you wake up you tell me and I immediately prepare delicious dishes all homemade.

The third is the location and the garden of the Villa, as it is located directly on the lakefront with 30000 square meters of private garden that give you moments of total relaxation and privacy without the chaos that you may find in the classic hotels.

These reasons that may seem trivial, but are very much sought after by customers because they are fed up to follow even during the holidays to imposed behaviors and schedules imposed.

If in the morning you want to go down in your pajamas to have breakfast you can do it, if you want to play a game of chess in the evening enjoying the sunset on the garden you can do it, if you want to do yoga at dawn without anyone disturbing you can do it, But these are just a few examples of simple but special things you can do in a place like this.

And my main problem do you know what it is?

That I can not explain or make you understand by electronic means this paradise, as the beauties I’m describing you can only appreciate in person as soon as you arrive.

You can certainly put on the site beautiful photos and describe this place well, but the feelings you just get are priceless!

You do not know how many times the clients book the holiday and after a while they have arrived they ask me to stay longer! It’s a classic!

It makes me smile that the hoteliers are on a war footing with all these new B & Bs that are being born, but the problem is only because they do not realize that I offer something else besides the structure, something that a hotel does not offer!

And this is the added value that is priceless!

From me you will never find the same breakfast every morning, breakfast always made with homemade products, starting with bread without salt, with sugar-free martini, with organic eggs, etc.

Not to mention the atmosphere that you breathe in the early hours of the morning, squirrels chasing in the trees, the sound of the waves of the lake that break the silence, the cats playing in the garden, it’s all a set of sounds and sensations that only here you can live.

And I can tell you about the beautiful sunsets that you witness standing directly facing the lake, maybe while you eat something delicious that I prepared you with my hands.

So all these features put together make this place unique and I can guarantee that the price goes into the background because my intent is to make people feel good, because I have always taken care of well-being and it’s my life to do it!

There is only one problem, I only have 3 rooms available for this paradise, so move and BOOK NOW your stay at Villa Graziella

The good season is coming, so hurry up and make sure your vacation with us right away


I wait for you

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