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You are going to be mad by reading such a title, yet I’m not kidding at all, but in the end you’ll say thank me, “but why did not I think about it before?”

Exactly, we often assume that real holidays must be done in August or in the next months (June and July) and then wait 10 months for summer and heat to return.

And if I told you that In the autumn the Garda Lake offers countless reasons to spend weekends or even weeks full of wonderful places to discover?

Here it’s a list of reasons for you (attention not in the order of importance) that will immediately change your mind:

The first reason is certainly the traffic, it seems that by the magic of August all the roads change the connotations, no more mileage files in the sun, so it is a pleasure to travel to the lake and enjoy all the roads and beautiful views That surround it.

The second reason is certainly the climate, certainly the heat of summer is beautiful, but lately we are witnessing a gradual change of climate with dense days and crazy humidity that really put your physicist in crisis, or even force you especially during the hottest days Close to the house with air conditioning instead of enjoying the beach and the lake. During September and October, however, the days are not so fussy, indeed the temperatures are always mild and pleasant, the lake gradually releases the heat accumulated during the winter making the Unique climate.

Third reason are the colors of Autumn, trees and meadows take on shades and shades that make you stay open: red, brown, burgundy, dark green, are some examples of colors that take all the vegetation, making the lake a postcard indescribable.

Fourth reason is the quality of Lake Water, after the great influx of tourists the lake especially in its transparency turns completely becoming really clear and inviting to make pleasant baths. You will be surprised to see it so clear and transparent.

Fifth reasons are the services, past the influx of chaotic summer tourism going to the restaurant rather than taking the bus you will look completely different. You will not have to make endless tones even just to sit at the bar or just wait in the sunshine that passes the Bus. Being outdoors maybe sitting in front of the lake will never have been so enjoyable.

Sixth reason for sport activities, sporting activities, even if only a walk in the fall is spectacular, on foot or on bike you will have amazing scenery, no traffic, no hot air, not too hot that will make you feel and feel great . Making short trips in the beautiful roads that surround the lake will show you truly impressive places.

Seventh reason is the arrival of the harvest with the first famous wineries in Italy (Wine Festival in Bardolino to mention the most famous), but each country has its own events where you can taste the new vintages of the most precious wines of the area (Bardolino , Chiaretto, Lugana etc)

Eighth reason for the quiet, you have no idea what it’s like to listen to the sounds of nature and the lake when there is no mess of traffic and tourists. Especially in our B & B Villa Graziella directly across the lake listen to the noise of the waves or tree branches maybe you are reading is a priceless pleasure. Or sleeping at night with the windows closed and listening to the noise of the lake is definitely a natural lullaby.

Nine reasons are the quality of breathing air, walking in the lake or in the hills without smog machines is a total feeling of well-being. Already our B & B is facing the lake and away from the traffic it offers a good air quality throughout the year, but knowing that if you want to go hiking or biking without breathing that odious smog I think it’s a basic thing For our psycho-physical well-being.

One tenth reason you’ll tell me is by the price, but our philosophy is that offering a great service all year round (why do I have to pay you more if I always offer you the same stuff?) We in our B & B always keep Same price, because we are aware that if a service is great it must have the right price all the time of the year. It’s really absurd when in August or July you see triple the price for worse services and lower quality, do not you think?

Would you ever think of all these good reasons why doing off-season holidays has a lot of advantages and very few if not almost no defect?

And you will tell me: it is but the bath in the lake in September or October you can not do it!

And here you are wrong! Why should I say that all September, if not until mid-October, the lake water is lukewarm and especially during the central hours of the day, bathing is a pity for our physicist?

I’m not crazy, I believe it’s so!

So you just have to book your holiday with us!

Year by year many tourists are rediscovering holidays during these wonderful months, and how to give them wrong?

Our property has few rooms available so I can remember booking right away if you want to guarantee a holiday in our charming B & B directly on Lake Garda

You look forward to good holidays!


Villa Graziella B&B


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